Human-centered Mass Customization

One size fits all? Not always... Based on our population-based analysis, which captures all shape variations contained within sample data, we tailor and optimize your ergonomic products – from head to toe. Give us your data – we extract the information you need.

3D Shape Analysis – A new way to develop (orbital) implants

What is the average three-dimensional (3-D) shape of the orbit? Is size related to shape? Is there a relevant difference between the left and the right orbit or between different individuals? If so, can it be categorized?  In answering these questions, we can help improving the quality in the repair of complex orbital fractures.

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Statistical Shape Modeling for Orthopedic Applications

Statistical shape models (SSM) describe the shape variability contained in a given population. They are able to describe large populations of complex shapes with few degrees of freedom. This makes them a useful tool for a variety of tasks that arise in computer-aided medicine. The following pre-print of our article in “Computational Radiology for Orthopaedic Interventions” (Zheng et al., eds.) explains the basic methodology of SSMs and presents a variety of examples, where SSM are applied successfully.

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